The 2 millionth EU trademark application has been reached

flag-2608475_960_720.jpgEUIPO announced the 2 millionth EUTM application which was filed by the Czech company Crefoport s.r.o.

Only in 2018, there were more than 150 000 new applications for EU trademarks. All of that shows the dynamic interest toward these trademarks from around the world. What’s more, every new applicant has to be more careful when filing new EU trademarks taking into account the possible conflicts with already registered signs. One of the option to avoid this negative perspective is conduction preliminary trademark search followed by an in-depth analysis.


Bear in mind this if you want to register a trademark in Canada

canada-1157521_960_720.jpgThe trademark registration process in Canada will have some significant changes this year as a result of the trademark law reform which has been addopted recently.

The main changes that have to be taken into account by all who want to protect a trademark in there are:

 1. The term of trademark protection will be reduced from 15 to 10 years.

2.  Declaration of Use will be no longer required from trademark applicants –  as it is well-known Canada, similarly to The US, has required until now such declarations which to show a real use of the sign on the market. This was one of the significant differences when it comes to trademark filing compare to Europe, for instance. But no more. Still, trademark use will remain an important element of the protection because it will be a ground for invalidation in the case of a lack of genuine use.

3. Canada will introduce Nice Classification for goods and services for the purpose of trademark filing. In that way, Canada has joined almost all countries around the world that already use this classification.

4. An additional fee will be paid for every class above the first in case of filling of a trademark application or trademark renewal.

Source: April L. Besl (Dinsmore & Shohl LLP), Lexology.

San Marino joins the Hague Agreement

san-marino-1681021_960_720WIPO reports about the accession of the Republic of San Marino to the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs. This Agreement, which will enter into force for the country on 26.01.2019, gives an easy way for applying for industrial design protection in various countries around the world submitting only one application and paying one total fee instead of doing that in every single country.

More information can be found here.

EUIPO with brand-new eSearch plus app for mobile devices

esearch_plus_newsEUPO reports about the launch of its brand-new mobile application eSearch plus for Android and iOS devices. This app gives opportunity for quick and user-friendly search for EU trademarks and designs base on different criteria such as trademark and design name, owner, representative. One of the downside of this app, however, is the fact that its smartphone version provide only basic search. On the other hand, the version for tablet gives option for advance search too.

More information here.

Suriname joins Hague Agreement

900px-Flag_of_Suriname.svgWIPO reports about the accession of Suriname to the Hague Agreement concerning international registration of industrial designs. By this way applicants of such designs will have the opportunity to designate Suriname in design applications. The date of entering into force of the Agreement for the country will be specified additionally.

САЩ и Китай са лидери при патентните заявки по PCT системата – U.S. and China are leaders in patent applications under PCT system

WIPO публикува доклад относно заявените и регистрирани патенти по PCT системата през 2013 година.
Общият брой на заявките за патенти е бил 205 300, което представлява ръст от 5,1% в сравнение с 2012 година.
В класацията по държави лидер е САЩ с 57 239 заявки за патенти, следвана от Китай.
Сред компаниите заявители лидер е Panasonic с 2,881 заявки, на второ място е китайската компания ZTE Corporation с 2,309 заявки.
Сред образователните институции заявители на патенти на първо място е Университета на Калифорния с 398 заявки, следван от Massachusetts Institute of Technology с 217 заявки.
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WIPO published a report on applied and registered patents under PCT system in 2013.
 The total number of patent applications was 205,300, which represent an increase of 5.1%  compare with 2012 .In the ranking of countries, the U.S. is a leader with 57,239 patent applications, followed by China .Among the companies Panasonic is a leader with 2,881 applications, the second place is for the Chinese company ZTE Corporation with 2,309applications .Among educational institutions applicants for patents, the first place is for the University of California with 398 applications, followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology with 217 queries.More information about found here.