Michelle Lee won’t stay as USPTO Director


The USPTO announced the fact that its Director Michelle Lee will step down. This comes as a slight surprise taking into account the rumors in the last months which suggested an opposite outcome.

 Wilbur Ross, the US secretary of commerce commented: “As the first woman in our country’s history to serve as director of the USPTO, Michelle has worked tirelessly to serve our stakeholders and the American public. We wish her well in her next endeavor”

Source WIPR.

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Do you need a patent?


IP Watchdog published an interesting article about some of the reasons behind receiving a patent for an invention. They are as follow:

  • The fear that others will steal it
  • To generate licensing revenue (royalties)
  • To prevent or reduce competition
  • To maintain or acquire market share
  • To enhance company valuation
  • Because investors want it
  • For business credibility or marketing
  • For personal credibility or vanity
  • For the experience
  • Because someone told you that you should
  • To avoid infringing someone else’s patent

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Companies are concerned about the role of intellectual property

intellectual-propertyThe Telegraph published an interesting article on various worries expressed by some of the most innovative companies in the world such as BAE Systems, Siemens, Philips and Bayer regarding the role of intellectual property in the contemporary business world.

Intellectual property management as part of the entire business management is not always on the necessary level. Many problems are cited, for example a lack of clear valuation of intellectual property which in turn reflects on unclear knowledge about the real company’s market value. In addition, there is a problem with the information on intellectual property protection  which is a threat to the innovation process as a whole. Some companies are concerned about the IP risks which go hand in hand with innovations and how to overcome them so as to escape any lawsuits for instance.

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