How to prove a digital existence of a file or work?

WIPO announced its new service called WIPO PROOF. It  produces tamper-proof evidence regarding the existence of a digital file at a specific time.

The service doesn’t prove authorship or anything else then the fact that the relevant work or file exists at a particular moment.

This could be useful in different intellectual property disputes where a priority date has to be proved.

WIPO acts as a time-stamping authority by issuing a token (a unique digital fingerprint of a digital file in any format and size) which is generated and stored on WIPO servers in Switzerland. The service doesn’t use block-chain technology for the time being.

The following categories of intellectual property and other files and data can use WIPO PROOF: 

  • Trade secrets
  • Creative works
  • Creative designs 
  • Industrial designs
  • Software code  
  • Research
  • Data
  • Digitally signed document
  • Other

WIPO PROOF tokens do not expire but they are kept on WIPO’s servers for 5 years. This period can be renewed for another 5 years by paying a fee. 

The initial cost of one token which is equal to one file is 20 Swiss francs. A bundle of 10 tokens will cost 190 Swiss francs, whereas 100 tokens will cost 1800 Swiss francs.

You can find more information here.

Source: WIPO and IPKat.

WIPO announced its new Director General

wipo-internship-2017WIPO reports about the election of Mr. Daren Tang as the new Director General of the organisation. He will succeed Mr. Francis Gurry, who has served as WIPO’s Director General since October 1, 2008.

As it is well-known, there was a tension between the US and China about the candidates for this position. The US was completely against the China’s nomination including in the light of the trade conflict between both countries.

Mr. Daren Tang, as a former Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, was accepted as a good choice in that regard.

For more information here.

Happy World Intellectual Property Day 2020

IPDay2020-FB-banner-EOn this day we celebrate the role of intellectual property protection for the development of the societies and economies around the world.

This year WIPO devotes this day to the innovations related to one more green future for all of us.

You can find more information here.

Mexico joins the Hague Agreement

mexico-1460659_1920WIPO reports about the accession of Mexico to the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs.

As it is known, this Agreement allows one industrial design to be registered in different Member States based on one application and one fee.

The Agreement will come into force for Mexico on 06.06.2020.

South Africa joins the Madrid Protocol soon

south-africa-1184103_1920Marques Class 46  announced that South Africa is on its way to join the Madrid Protocol for international registration of trademarks. The accession was approved by the Parliament and now is waiting for such approval by the President too.

As it is well-known, the Madrid System allows the international filing of trademarks based on a single application and fee. This news is a great relief for all foreign businesses that operate in South Africa or want to do that because they will be able to protect their trademarks easily.