Brief IP News

news-in-brief1. Report on the protection and enforcement of IPR in third countries. For more information here

2. Improved e-filing for designs in Romania. For more information here

3. New EUIPO report shows the value of licensing EUTMs for SMEs. For more information here

Source: Intellectual Property Center at the UNWE. More information can be found here.

Brief IP news

briefs_1131. Protecting your shop interior: what are the options? For more information here.

2. Protecting your intellectual property. For more information here.

3. Patentability of pharmaceutical inventions, 15.01.2020 – 16.01.2020, Brussels. For more information here.

Source: Intellectual Property Center at the UNWE. More information can be found here

Who are the IP superheroes?

robin-1115934_960_720.jpgDennemeyer & Associates published an interesting article for Lexology discussing intellectual property protection and the different specialist involved and their roles as IP superheroes. According to this article, there are several roles:

  • “Shadow Hunter” – anti-counterfeiting;
  • “The Visionary” – patent examiner;
  • “Doctor Inventor” – patent engineer;
  • “The Lawman” – patent prosecutor;
  • “Major Trail” – patent litigator;
  • “Captain Europe” – patent attorney;
  • “The Sidekick” – IP paralegal;
  • “The Wonder” – trademark attorney;
  • “The Alliance” – consultants and trainers

We would like to add one more role:

  • “New Stars” – Intellectual property managers that are responsible for the strategic management of all corporate intangible assets;

What can you find in the latest issue of WIPO Magazine?

pexels-photo-315658.jpegWIPO announced the new issue of it WIPO Magazine, where you can find:

  • GII 2019: Creating healthy lives – the future of medical innovation
  • Curbing cultural appropriation in the fashion industry with intellectual property
  • Singapore’s biggest copyright reform in 30 years
  • The harsh reality of life as a musician: an interview with Miranda Mulholland
  • With Teqball the world is curved
  • Five years after Alice: five lessons learned from the treatment of software patents in litigation
  • A History of Intellectual Property in 50 Objects

For more information here.

Brief IP news


1. No likelihood of confusion deemed between “an apple” and the letter „J“. For more information here.

2. Calculating copyright infringement damages using hypothetical license fees. For more information here.

3. Evaluation of EU legislation on design protection. For more information here.

Brief IP news

briefs_1131.  Mexico to use the list of terms from the harmonised database in TMclass. For more information here.

2. Digital royalties to creators top €1 billion as global collections rise 6.2% to €9.6 billion. For more information here.

3. How to label your European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 event? For more information here.