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New fees for international marks for Benelux


WIPO reports about the new individual fees for international trademarks with a designation of Benelux. The new fees which will come into force on 01.01.2019 are as follow:


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Harley-Davidson won 19 million dollars in a trademark lawsuit


Harley-Davidson won a lawsuit for more than 19 million dollars. The case concerns the internet platform SunFrog which offers for sell t-shirts based on designs submitted by consumers.

According to the accusation, SunFrog offered more than 100 designs containing Harley-Davidson’s registered trademarks.

Although SunFrog agreed to stop selling such products, the infringement continued. Because of this, the Court issued a judgment in Harley-Davidson’s favor, permanently prohibiting SunFrog from making any Harley-Davidson branded apparel products.

In addition, the Court awarded 19,2 million dollars in statutory damages, which amount of money had been determined on the ground of the fact that SunFrog infringing products attract wide exposure judging on the interest of the Facebook ads regarding them. What’s more, the Court took into account Harley-Davidson’s licensing business which amounted to 400 million dollars for a period of about 10 years.

Source: WIPR.

New fees for trademark protection in China


WIPR reports about new fees for trademark protection in China. The new fees are lower, for instance, the fee for a trademark application becomes 44$.

There were 3,7 million trademarks in China only in 2016 which makes the country’s Patent Office the biggest in the world in that regard.

The new fees will come into force on 01.04.2017.

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