Brief IP news

1. Online content sharing – pay to play? For more information here.  

2. Thinking of moving your business online? Follow these tips. For more information here.  

3.  Looking for IP pro bono providers. For more information here

Source: Intellectual Property Center at the UNWE. More information can be found here.


Brief IP news

briefs_1131. Protecting your shop interior: what are the options? For more information here.

2. Protecting your intellectual property. For more information here.

3. Patentability of pharmaceutical inventions, 15.01.2020 – 16.01.2020, Brussels. For more information here.

Source: Intellectual Property Center at the UNWE. More information can be found here

WIPO Magazine issue 4


WIPO published the 4th issue of the WIPO Magazine, where you can find the following:

  • GII 2018: energizing the world with innovation
  • COCOpyright and the value of moral rights
  • The role of IP rights in the fashion business: a US perspective
  • Strengthening Africa’s audio-visual sector: market intelligence is critical
  • Ethics, technology and the future of humanity

For more information here.

Afghanistan joins the Madrid protocol

hd-afghanistan-flag-wallpapers-downloadWIPO reports about the accession of Afghanistan to the Madrid system for registration of international trademarks and in particular to the Madrid Protocol. In that way, the Member States of the Madrid System become 101. The Protocol will enter into force for the country on 26.06.2018.

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