New fees for international trademarks for Norway

WIPO reports about new individual fees for international trademark applications where Norway is a designated country. The new fees will come into force on 01.03.2022 and are as follow:


New fees for registration of trademarks in the USA

The United States Patent Office will collect new increased fees regarding registration of trademarks. Some of these new fees are as follow:

  • For online trademark application an increase of the fee from $275 to $350 per class;
  • For Declaration of Continued Use an increase of the fee from $125 to $225 per class;
  • Extension of the time for filing oppositions, an increase from $100 to $200 for the initial 90-day request and from $200 to $400 for a final 60-day request;
  • Filing a Notice of Opposition or Petition to Cancel, an increase from $400 to $600 per class;

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In addition, WIPO announced new fees for international trademarks with designation of the USA. The new fees will take affect on 18.02.2021 and are as follow: