The Deutsche Telekom pink color trademark is under attack

pexels-photo-1111367The insurance company Lemonade initiated a legal proceeding against Deutsche Telekom. The reason for this is a claim by the German telecom that Lemonade uses the pink color for its marketing which infringes the Deutsche Telekom registered EU trademarks for that color.

As it is well-known, Deutsche Telekom has used pink and its different shades for its brands for many years.

According to Lemonade, this accusation is unacceptable because it tries to monopolize one of the main colors in the spectrum.  What’s more, the German telecom is not even in the same industry as Lemonade.

For the time being, Lemonade stoped to use this color for its activities.

Of course, when you have a well-known brand, especially in the case of colors, where the protection is not so stable and clear, every trademark owner tries to safeguard its brand value. The subtle moment in this approach is to what extent this can happen in reality.

Source: WIPR.