Volvo won a lawsuit in the US regarding car accessories

blur-1850687_960_720.jpgVolvo won a lawsuit in the US against an anonymous China-based company selling online different  counterfeit accessories for its cars.

According to the company, these products were cheap, low-quality imitations that were against the company’s intellectual property rights.

The Court agreed and ordered  $2 million in damages. The interesting part here is, however, the fact that the court required Pay Pal, which was used as a payment service by the counterfeiter, to transfer all of the funds related to the counterfeiter to Volvo as well as to reveal information for any closed or other accounts linked to that anonymous infringer.

Source: WIPR.


EUIPO announced an anti-counterfeiting blockchain competition

EUIPO announced the first-of-its-kind blockchain competition in Europe, which main goal is to find out new tools for flight against counterfeiting. The event will take place in Brussels for 4 days between 22 and 25 June 2018. The winners can take 100 000 Euro prize.

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