The UK database for patents has been added to Patentscope

WIPO reports about the news that the UK database for patent has been added to international database Patenscope. This will give access to 2,8 million patent files from UK dating from as far back as 1782. By this way Patentscope will provide information for more than 48 million patent files from 40 countirs around the world.

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Adidas sues American company based on its well-known mark

WIPR reports about a new lawsuit this time against the US retailer Forever 21 initiated by ADIDAS based on the fact that the US company sells children’s jumpers that have stripes on the shoulders and arms, resembling the three-stripes trademark owned by Adidas.
According to the German company that is a violation of its well-known figurative mark which has been used in the United States for many years.
The use of the mark by Forever 21 may create confusion in consumers about the manufacturing sourceAdidas claimed.
This is not the first time when Adidas filed a lawsuit for its trademark. We expect the 
decision of the court in Oregon.

USPTO invalidates an important Apple’s design patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office invalidated the patent for design № D618,677 owned by Apple.

This patent concerns the appearance of the surface of a smart phone device which is used by Apple in a lawsuit against Samsung.
In this case the Korean company was sanctioned by the US court with an amount of about 900 million. dollars, which was subsequently reduced to about 548 million dollars.
The grounds for invalidation of the patent is the presence of earlier similar designs owned by various manufacturers of smart phones, such as LG, Samsung and others.
Apple is expected to appeal this USPTO decision as it is important for the outcome of the appeal of the main lawsuit.

Source: WIPR. 

Change of fees for registration of trademarks in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Mexico and San Marino

WIPO reports about changes of fees for designation of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Mexico and San Marino in application for international trademarks. The new fees are as follows:
Tajikistan can be seen them here. The charges come into force on 09.13.2015.
can be seen them here.  The charges come into force on 09.13.2015.
can be seen them here. The charges come into force on 09.13.2015.
can be seen them here. The charges come into force on 09.13.2015.
San Marino
can be seen them here. The charges come into force on 16.08.2015.

Algeria joins the Madrid Protocol

WIPO reports about the accession of Algeria to the Madrid Protocol for international registration of trademarks. The Protocol will enter into force for the country on 31.10.2015.
Algeria was the last country, part of The Madrid system, which wasn’t sign the Protocol. From now on, all international registrations of marks will be exclusively governed by the Madrid Protocol. As a result, the filing and management of international registrations will be simplified for users.
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