Is there copyright infringement of a work used for educational purposes?

Copyright law protects original creative works, a result of intellectual efforts, giving authors control over who and how can use the works.

Although this monopoly right provides authors with a tool to permit or prohibit the use of their works it is not unlimited. There are some exceptions or the so-called fair use which allows free use of works in case of teaching, criticism, commentary, news report, etc.

The lawsuit between Bell v. Eagle Mountain Saginaw Independent School District reminds us of the practical side of these exceptions.

A US school published on its Twitter account apart from one author’s work as a motivational act for its students. The author being not happy with the lack of request for such use filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

The court dismissed the claim stating that the use in the case at hand is fair. There is no evidence for any commercial purposes out of this use as well as no harm to the author’s business or reputation.

Source: Deirdre Kennedy for Kluwer Copyright Blog.


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