One key thing in order graphic designers to be more successful

Graphic design has become a trendy area for professional development nowadays.

With the advent of the so-called gig economy, being a graphic designer can be a real advantage. On one hand, this job offers you the chance to work remotely which is another trend especially in the light of the Covid pandemic.

On the other hand, graphic design works are in demand in particular in their digital form because all businesses are online now and they need more and more good representation in an attempt to attract consumer’s attention.

So all of this is good but to be successful in a very competitive environment graphic designers should know how to protect their valuable works and how to do business with them.

One key moment in that regard is at least a basic knowledge about copyright law. 


Because copyright law provides you with all rights to control how one graphic design is used, by whom, where, and whether you receive remuneration for such use. 

Probably you think that copyright law is far too complex. Yes, it is to some extent but nevertheless, there are some basics things that if one designer knows in advance he or she will be in a better position to benefit from the created graphic designs. 

In an attempt to help, I’ve built a new Skillshare class where you can learn all copyright basics related to graphic designs in a friendly way with examples.

If you are interested, here you can find a referral link, it gives you access to the course and 1-month free access to all Skillshare classes if you sign up.