Why graphic designers should understand copyright rights

Nowadays graphic design has become extremely popular both from a creative and business point of view.

With the advent of new modern technologies and the internet as a whole, the graphic design field has attracted a lot of attention and interest.

Doing business with graphic designs, apart from the necessary creative skills, requires specific knowledge related to the available copyright protection too.

Nowadays it is really important for every graphic designer to know at least the bare minimum for copyright law in order to protect his or her designs successfully.

Why is copyright so important for graphic designs?

There are two main reasons.

First of all, copyright is a legal framework that protects every artistic work, including designs, against unauthorized use.

Copyright gives every designer a tool to control the way his/her work is used and to prevent all sorts of infringing activities.

This is crucial because without such control it would be near impossible for designers to make their living because everyone would be able to use their designs for free.

The second reason is that copyright gives designers a ground for doing business with their works. That is to say, copyright stipulates particular rules that allow business transactions with copyrighted designs.

To know all of this can be a huge advantage in your attempt to build a solid and successful career as a graphic designer.

I tried to cover all of this in my Skillshare class where you can learn:

  • how to deal with copyright rights over graphic designs;
  • what copyrights over designs exist,
  • what the requirements for copyright protection are;
  • what the term of protection of a graphic design is;
  • what fair use of designs is;
  • how copyrights over designs are inherited;

In case you are interested in you can check the class from here

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