Marshmello  won a copyright lawsuit against DJ Arty

The well-known music producer and DJ Marshmello won a copyright lawsuit in the US regarding his track “Happier” created in collaboration with the pop band Bastille.

The lawsuit was initiated by the Russian DJ Arty who blamed Marshmello  on copyright infringement regarding his remix of a song by One Republic. According to Arty  apart from using the original song he added his own music elements in the remix, elements that were been used by Marshmello  in his track “Happier”.

The Court disagreed. The reason for this was the fact that Arty signed a contract with Interscope for the One Republic’s song remix according to which he disclaimed any ownership or financial interest related to the remix.

Arty ‘s position was that this concerned only the One Republic part of the remix but not the additional music elements.

The Court dismissed this claim stating that the contract covers the entire remix not only part of it. There was no exceptions under the contract provisions that could suggest the Arty obligations concerned only part of the final work.

Source: WIPR.