Why is copyright so important for every designer?

Many people are confused when it comes to copyright protection and why it is important.

To put it simply copyright protection is the bread and butter in case of doing business with creative works.

The reason for this is quite simple. When we talk about tangible products such as phones, clothes and even food, they can be controlled physically. In the case of intangible products, such as music, literature, art and graphic designs physical limitations don’t always exist. 

In the age of the Internet and digital economy, everyone can access such works with copy and  download much easier than in the case of  physical goods. From that perspective copyright law represents a tool by which you can control who can use your creative works. This is crucial because without such protection everyone will be able to use them for free and the creators will not make a living out of them.

This is the main idea behind the copyright law as a whole, to serve as an incentive for every author to put efforts in the creation of new and original works against receiving an equitable remuneration. 

Copyright is important for every graphic designer for two primary reasons. 

First and foremost, copyright is a legal framework that protects the end product of the designer’s work against unauthorized use. 

What I mean is that based on the copyright law every creative and original graphic design can be protected in a way that will allow its author to control its use, including commercial ones, and to prevent possible infringements.

The second reason is that copyright gives designers a ground for doing business with their products. That is to say copyright stipulates particular rules that allow business transactions with copyrighted works.

Copyright allows designers not only to protect their works against illegal use but to monetize them which in turn is a stimulus for the creation of new works.

If we have to summarize all benefits that copyright provides designers with we can say that:

  • It gives legal protection over graphic designs;
  • Designers can control who, how, when and where can use their works;
  • Designers can claim authorship over their designs based on the law;
  • Copyright provides rules for commercial exploitation of graphic designs;
  • Copyright ensures that designers can make their living based on the created products;
  • Copyright serves as an additional stimulus for the designers to continue doing their creative work in the future.

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