Abercrombie & Fitch’s Store Front Sculpture can be protected by copyright

The US Copyright Office Review Board has recently issued a decision according to which the following Abercrombie & Fitch’s Store Front Sculpture is copyright protectable:

Initially the Office refused to register this sculpture stating that it is not original enough due to the fact that it consists of ordinary elements such as letters and geometric shapes which are not protected by the US Copyright law.

The Board, however, revised this decision, punting out that although the single elements are not protectable, the whole combination of them can be protected in case that there is at least a minimum level of creativity.

At the case at hand, the Board considered that this is satisfied based on the particular combination between the letters A and F, the ampersand symbol, and the abbreviation “Co.”.

Recently the US Copyright Office ruled out the UEFA Champion League’s logo and Vodafone’s corporate logo is not sufficiently original and refused their registration in the US.

Source: IPKat.


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