Bentley Motors lost a lawsuit regarding a clothes dispute

bentley-491448_960_720.jpgBentley Motors lost a lawsuit regarding the option to use its Bentley trademarks on clothes.

The case concerns a dispute with almost 20 years of history, where another British company Bentley Clothing has tried to stop this use.

Bentley Clothing is a company that has been selling clothes with the Bentley since 1962, and is the owner of several Bentley for class 25.

On the other side, Bentley Motors in an attempt to expand its merchandising line started to offer beanie hats and scarfs with its brand.

According to the company, by doing that Bentley Motors infringes on the company’s trademark rights.

The English High Court upheld this accusation stating that both marks are very similar due to the leading word element Bentley.

This means that Bentley Motors will have either to stop using the mark for clothes or eventually to sign an agreement with Bentley Clothing.

Source: WIPR.