Who are the IP superheroes?

robin-1115934_960_720.jpgDennemeyer & Associates published an interesting article for Lexology discussing intellectual property protection and the different specialist involved and their roles as IP superheroes. According to this article, there are several roles:

  • “Shadow Hunter” – anti-counterfeiting;
  • “The Visionary” – patent examiner;
  • “Doctor Inventor” – patent engineer;
  • “The Lawman” – patent prosecutor;
  • “Major Trail” – patent litigator;
  • “Captain Europe” – patent attorney;
  • “The Sidekick” – IP paralegal;
  • “The Wonder” – trademark attorney;
  • “The Alliance” – consultants and trainers

We would like to add one more role:

  • “New Stars” – Intellectual property managers that are responsible for the strategic management of all corporate intangible assets;

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