Monster Energy lost a trademark dispute against a pair of legs


The well-known energy drink producer Monster Energy lost an interesting opposition against the following UK trademark application in class 32 (beers, ales, stouts; low-alcohol beers; non-alcoholic and de-alcoholized cider, perry and beers; syrups and preparations for making any of these aforesaid; excluding energy drinks):


Against this mark, Monster invoked several earlier European trademarks in class 32 (Non-alcoholic beverages; beer):


The UKIPO dismissed the opposition internally. The reason for this was the lack of possibility for consumer confusion. According to the Office, both signs are visually and conceptually different. While in the case of the earlier mark there is a pair of legs, the earlier signs represent a scratch created by an animal. Although both can be viewed as the letter M, the differences between them are enough in order to escape consumer confusion even though the goods are similar due to their nature.

The full text of the decision can be found here.

Source: WIPR.

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