Why searching for earlier trademarks is so important for every business?

pexels-photo-327186Building of a trademark name is a long process which requires a plan for its execution. Part of such a plan is searching for earlier already registered trademarks in Patent Offices databases.

Why this is so important?

Even in the case that you create a distinctive brand name, this doesn’t mean that you will receive successful registration. The reason for this can be the fact that someone else already registered the same or similar name for the same or similar goods as yours. If that’s the case against your application an opposition can be filed and you can be sued as a trademark infringer.

To prevent such negative consequences, it is highly advisable for trademark searches to be done throughout the brand building process.

Having said that, however, it has to be bear in mind that non-specialists in the field of intellectual property can compare and assess mainly trademark identity. When it comes to similarity between the marks and their goods and services things can be much more complicated which requires deep knowledge of the legislation and court practices in the relevant country.

Image: Wokandapix, Pixabay.



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