Premier League scored a goal in oppositions against similar trademarks in the UK

The UK Premier League won oppositions against the following UK trademark applications for Class 41:


The applicant International Group Management Limited sought registrations for these marks regarding football video competitions.

The marks which were been used as a ground for the oppositions were Premier League’, ‘Fantasy Premier League’ and the following combined mark:


According to Premier League, its trademarks have a reputation based on a longstanding use in the UK and in light of this, the later similar marks try to take an advantage of this reputation.

International Group Management Limited counterclaimed that the dominant element of their marks was Esports, while Premier League possesses only a descriptive meaning.

The UKIPO ruled that the marks are similar because the dominant element in all of them is Premier League, which has a serious reputation among the consumers in the country based on which they can consider that a possible economic connection exists between both companies.

Source: WIPR.