JUWEL cannot be a European mark

precious-1199183_960_720The General Court of the European Union ruled in Case T-31/16; adp Gauselmann GmbH v EUIPO.

The Case concerns an attempt for registration of an EU trademark JUWEL for classes 9, 29, 41.

The EUIPO refused the registration of this mark based on absolute grounds,  Article 7(1)(b) and (c) EUTMR.

The word JUWEL has German origin and posses two meanings:  precious gemstone and something that is precious for someone.

The Office refused this mark not because it communicates a direct descriptiveness but because it is not distinctive for the aforementioned goods and services.  The public
will perceive the word mark as a direct indication of the quality of the goods and services and not as an indication of commercial origin.

Source: Alicante news.