John McAfee and Intel reach an agreement

intel_securityJohn McAfee, the well-known former owner of McAfee Security, settled an agreement with Intel regarding a lawsuit related to the use of his name.

The background of this case is that Intel bought McAfee Security in 2010, the company is the owner of McAfee trademark too.

In 2016, John McAfee joined the tech company MGT as a CEO and an idea was been announced the company to be renamed to John McAfee Global Technologies.

Understandably Intel opposed such use claiming that it infringes its trademarks and can create confusion among consumers regarding the source of the services and products offered by the renamed company.

John McAfee brought a trademark non-infringement against Intel as a reaction to these claims.

The last development of the story is that both parties reach an agreement according to which John McAfee will not use its name for the new company.

Source: WIPR.