Mobile games and intellectual property protection

WIPR reports about a lawsuit started by in California, US against the Chinese company  JoyFox Company.

The case concerns an alleged copyright infringement of mobile games such as “Bubble Witch Saga 2”, “Candy Crush Saga” and “Candy Crush Soda Saga”, offered by the company in Google Store and App Store. The Chinese company for its part offers a similar game called “Bubble Mania”.

According to the claim, JoyFox’s game uses similar or identical art and design features which can be identified as a blatant clone of the original games.

This case shows that intellectual property is deeply involved in the mobile game business although sometimes underestimated more or less. In such situations, other IP rights can be invoked too, for example, trademarks or industrial designs bearing in mind that different elements such as names of apps or their icons can be protected as trademarks or registered designs around the world.

All of this requires digital companies to take into account intellectual property as a vital part of its business strategy so as to protect their intangible assets appropriately.


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