Why are indications of intellectual property so important?

The issue with use of intellectual property, including its licensing and the related signs used to indicate this in a proper way is crucial and strategic for every company. While some companies underestimate this issue others do not. An interesting example for the last one is this wipes which are branded with “Minions” characters owned by Universal. Although, this is ordinary everyday products, all intellectual property objects are indicated very clearly.



Why this is important?

This approach is strategic in many cases such as unfair competition, trademark and copyright conflicts and so on. Sometimes the IP owner have to prove that he uses its intellectual property in a trade way, for example in the current case that these characters are trademarks and not decorative elements. To do this the owner must use indications such as TM, R, Резултат с изображение за Copyright. In this way, the right holder shows clearly that these are protected objects which in its turn is important in case of lawsuits and can serve as a strong evidence in that regard.


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