Lawsuit between John McAfee and Intel

antivirus-for-computersWIPR  reports about a non-infringement trademark lawsuit initiated by John McAfee in New York. John McAfee is founder of the well-known antivirus software McAfee now owned by Intel. Recently John McAfee has become part of a tech company called MGT where he works as CEO. This company has plan to change its name to John McAfee Global Technologies and because of which they received a letter from Intel according to which such use is not appropriate in light of possible associations with the Intel’s registered trade mark McAfee.

John McAfee stated that such use can’t be prohibit because when he sold his business to Intel this didn’t include obligations not to use his own name for business purposes in future.

This is another case representing a conflict between trademark and family name. Recently Karen Millen has lost similar lawsuit in UK for its name.


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