Brexit – What about IPexit

brexit-british-poundUK took its decision to leave EU once and for all. Apart from all potential politic and economic consequences, this decision has a direct effect on the IP protection in EU.

It’s widespread opinion that UK was one of the most preferable countries in EU regarding IP protection and management. UK is part of different EU systems for protection of trademarks, patents, designs, trade secrets and so on.

It is too earlier for any predictions what will happen with this IP protection, but it is clear that changes will occur sooner or later and they will be not a good news for the companies and IP owners not only in Europe but around the world too. For example, what will happen with all current EUTMs, are they will stay valid in UK as was the case when Serbia and Montenegro split up.

Another possible IP complication could be if Scotland and North Ireland decide that they want to leave UK and stay in EU.

So to sum up, now we have Brexit but in the future we will have more or less IPexit too.