.ЕЮ domain names are now available

euEURid, the organization responsible for .EU domain names, announced the launch of .ЕЮ domain name in Cyrillic alphabet, which happened because of the fact that Bulgaria is a EU member state and the only country in EU which alphabet is different from Latin and Greek. More:

The long-awaited in Bulgaria Cyrillic domain extension “.ею” has already started being operational. It enables you to create Internet addresses written entirely in Bulgarian language. All institutions, municipalities, companies and individuals who wish to be more easily detectable in the Bulgarian web space would benefit from the new domain. The combination of the letters “.ею” was selected by Bulgarian Internet users after a poll. With the introduction of the new domain Cyrillic has become the third official alphabet used in the spelling of domain names in Europe. The other options are Latin and Greek alphabets. Currently the “.eu” domain is one of the most popular ones in the world. The registration of new domain names in Cyrillic is now available and millions of people around the world will be able to use their native language while surfing the net and to make the most of the opportunities offered by the virtual space. The new extension is also a good step towards preserving the cultural identity of nations using the Cyrillic alphabet and takes web communication to a higher level. Not only Bulgaria, but countries like Macedonia, Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Mongolia would also benefit from the new domain.

Source: BNR.