Monkey cannot be an author

naruto-640x656-640x656.pngThe court in US ruled in an interesting case about the possibility an animal to be an author of pictures, for which Intellectual Property Planet wrote here. The selfie was made by a monkey that snatched up a camera owned by British photographer David Slater during his trip in Indonesia. The pictures became very popular. According to Slater, he is the author of the photos as he was done all the necessary camera settings and monkey only press the button.
In the resulted lawsuit the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants to represent the animal in the case by claiming that the financial revenues from the use of the photographs should be awarded to them.

According to court monkey can not be an author, as this is not underlined in the US law and the only option to the contrary will be a new decision by the US Congress.

More information here.


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